Day 1 – Journey to Vietnam

My last trip to Vietnam began on September 22, 2017.

This time my companion was my boyfriend Patryk, who paid attention to many details during this trip. Having the opportunity to be several times in Vietnam (8 already!), certain behaviours were very natural to me, which is why I did not see anything surprising in them. His questions allowed me to understand how many intriguing elements are in Vietnamese culture, and their behaviours and habits differ significantly from our European culture.

Lotnisko Chopin

So let’s start from the beginning.

We bought tickets to Vietnam in December 2016, almost a year before the planned flight. During this period, Emirates airlines have released another pool of promotional tickets to Vietnam, about which informed me polish fun page on facebook – Fly4Free. For a ticket for one person, we paid 2011 PLN. I recommend you to follow this portal, because it always informs you about the most attractive offers, not only in Europe but all over the world. After almost a year of waiting for your dream trip, we found ourselves at the Chopin airport in Warsaw, where we checked in the luggage and received boarding passes for flights Warsaw – Dubai and Dubai – Ho Chi Minh. The first flight lasted 5 hours and 45 minutes. During the flight, one meal with an appetizer, main course and dessert were served.

Napoje Emirates

Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages could be ordered during the whole flight. An additional advantage of the Emirates Airlines is the free Internet with a limit of 20MB. Emirates also has a very wide range of television programs, music and movies. To my surprise, there were also films in the Polish language. The only disadvantages of this connection was a very long transfer in Dubai. Initially, we thought that we would be able to go out in the evening / at night, even to see the centre of Dubai, as we do not need a visa as holders of a Polish passport. Unfortunately, after leaving the airport at 11 p.m., we decided that it would be better, to go to the hotel rest before the next flight. I have already booked the hotel on for which I paid 217 PLN (Holiday Inn Express Dubai Airport)

The next day we had another plane to the final destination – Ho Chi Minh.

During this flight, we also got a meal consisting of a starter, a main course and a dessert. The flight lasted 7 hours and 30 minutes, which is why 2 hours later we got a sandwich with chicken and vegetables.

Plane Emirates

I have already heard information that UBER operates in Vietnam,

Not in all cities, but in Saigon it was available. The ride turned out to be very cheap. For a distance of 8.2 kilometres, we paid 82,000 dồngów. We stayed in Saigon for one night only as next day we were flying to another amazing city – Nha Trang. The hotel we had booked in Ho Chi Minh was located in the first district of the city centre. For one night including breakfast in this three-star hotel, we paid 155 PLN.

Avanti Hotel Ho Chi Minh

Finally, after exactly 24 hours of travel, we landed in Ho Chi Minh.    

Already at the airport, there was a very high concentration of moisture in the air. Before leaving the airport, we bought a Vodaphone Vietnamese SIM card. We departed a few meters from our hotel towards the night market, which was recommended to us at the reception. We also tried to find an open restaurant, but unfortunately, it was too late. Luckily on the night market, there were open restaurants, where both meat and seafood dishes were served.

Ho Chi Minh Airport Saigon beerHo Chi Minh Food

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