Day 3 – Nha Trang

Beautiful city – Nha Trang

Nha Trang is around 435 km from Ho Chi Minh. Given the very limited time, we arrived on the plane by the VietJet line. The airport is about 35 km from the centre of Nha Trang, which is why we reached the city by car previously booked in the hotel. The cost of return trips is 600,000 VND.

View from plane Nha Trang

I booked the hotel 3 months earlier on the One night at Alana Hotel cost us PLN 223. My previous trips to Vietnam were mainly focused on my Vietnamese family which live in Hanoi (the capital of Vietnam) and individual trips to various parts of Vietnam. However, they were always organized by my family, which is why I was not aware of the costs of accommodation. While searching for a hotel in Nha Trang, I was wondering if a four-star hotel in Vietnam would reflect the European standard. To my surprise, the hotel was really of a high standard, both service, cleanliness and additional attractions such as a top-floor swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym and private beach. In my opinion, the price of 233 PLN for one night with breakfast included is a very good offer. This hotel definitely worth recommendation.  

Booking Alana Nha Trang

Alana Nha Trang Hotel Reception

Right after checking in, we went out to the city. At the very first moment, we noticed a very large number of tourists from Russia. Even more surprising was to see the Vietnamese restaurants with the Russian translation menu! I even noticed Russian dishes on the menu which has nothing to do with Vietnamese cuisine. Then we realised that it would be the best to move away from the city centre to have a chance to taste real local delicacies.

We asked for a restaurant recommendation in our hotel reception. They proposed to us a small restaurant where only soups were served, very popular and liked among Vietnamese people. We ordered my beloved phở bò soup, with pieces of thinly cut beef, rice noodles and a very large amount of herbs and spices. Seemingly, it seems to be just a broth with noodles and beef, but after trying the first spoon, you will soon realize that it’s more than just a beef broth.

Pho Bo Soup

The stock is very aromatic, salty, and at the same time sweet, due to added spices such as cinnamon and star anise. The broth should boil at least 12 hours to get all the best flavours out of the meat.

Interestingly, the Vietnamese eat this soup at any time during the day, which contradicts our European vision of breakfast. Phở bò is definitely my beloved dish. In Hanoi, I even have my favourite restaurant, which we discovered together with my siblings around 10 years ago. However, phở bò, differs significantly between the northern and southern parts of Vietnam. This broth was sweeter and sourer. The pasta was also thinner than the one in Hanoi. However, it tasted great and we paid only 30 000 VND, approximately 5 PLN.

Returning from the city, we walked along the beach. The weather, unfortunately, did not delight, which then aroused a lot of my doubts about the next days. According to weather forecasts, we could expect rain every day. Despite cloudiness, the temperature exceeded 30 degrees, and the very high concentration of moisture in the air intensified the feeling of heat.

Beach Nha TrangOn the same day, we enjoyed the pool in our hotel localised on the 21st floor of our hotel.  We spent there a while and then we went to the city to find a good place for a diner.Swimming pool Alana Nha Trang Hotel

This time we went along the main street, stopping from time to time to look at the menu. In the end, we stopped at one of the local restaurants, where were only Vietnamese people. It was a good sign! We ordered a speciality restaurant so-called hot pot. It is a broth with different amount of ingredients given on the burner. Additionally, we received rice and chow mein noodles (commonly known in Chinese cuisine), various plant leaves and soy sauce. The whole dinner with two beers cost us 310,000 VND, approximately 50 PLN.

Hot Pot Soup

Returning from the city, we went to the beach and stopped at a nearby bar for coconut and another beer.

Fresh coconut

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