Calanques National Park – 03.02.2018

As I mentioned earlier, we really wanted to visit the Calanques National Park, 15 km from the center of Marseille. Calanques is a rocky coast not far from Cassis. We have learned about this park from our colleagues and from Domika’s sister. However, before the suggestions of several people, nothing about him was known. And I believe that my blog is perfect to show you such a beautiful places!

Mediterranean Fjords – this is what the Calanques National Park is often called.

According to previously found information on the Internet, we were supposed to go towards the Metro Castellane stop. However, before that, we had to buy a much-needed thing – a winter hat! Yes, it was windy. Despite the beautiful sun, the wind was very strong. We walked along the main avenue away from the main station Charles. The climate was really like in Paris 🙂

Winter hats bought so we could move on!

J’ai trouvé beaucoup d’informations sur le parc des Calanques à la page suivante: Nous avons passé les directives qui nous ont menés vers Metro Castellane. Il était numéroté 19, 21, 22, 23 partaient. En raison du temps limité, nous avons dû atteindre le parc le plus rapidement possible. Le chauffeur de bus est conseillé d’y aller en bus no. 19 jusqu’au dernier arrêt, et il y a un changement de bus. 20.

Transport to Calanques National Park

As you can see, the bus led us to the western part of the park. There are several entrances to the Calanques Park. We chose the nearest one. After 20 minutes we reached the last stop of line 19. We had to wait another 15 minutes for bus number 20. So we decided to go to the next stop.

The wine was our inseparable companion 🙂 We liked those cute little bottles with a plastic glass ready to drink. The views were already very impressive, and we did not get to the main place yet.

Calanques National Park

After a few minutes, the bus 20 arrived, which took us to the beginning of the Calanques Park.

A beautiful place, cliffs, sea. Our only worry was the wind. It was really windy. I know, it’s hard to imagine when you can see all those pictures. We wanted to walk along the cliff. We saw several people coming from that area. We made the attempt, but after 10 minutes we said it was too dangerous. The wind was very gusty and we felt that it would be wiser to stay and just look at the views.

Beautiful place. If you are planning a trip to the Cote d’Azur, I sincerely think that this should be the first point of the program!




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