Gare St. Charles

Next stop is Nice – 04.02.2018

Travel planning

Today’s plan was the road to Nice, where we were supposed to meet my cousin. We had to get up at 7 o’clock to make the bus at 8:15. Nice is located 200 km from Marseille. Three years ago, we also crossed the road from Marseille to Nice, but by train. Because at the time there were no other alternatives. Then the cheapest train cost 25 €. A bit much for a 2-hour drive. This time we found another option – the Flixbus. Tickets cost us PLN 78 round trip (approximately 18€)! We bought them online one week before the trip. We saved over PLN 150 (approximately 35€) .

Exemplary reservation

Below I am presenting to you the exemplary reservation by bus Flixbus from Marseille to Nice Airport for 01.05.2018 till 03.05.2018. The only downside of this connection is the fact that the bus only stops to the Nice Airport. However, I think that this is not a big problem, because city buses commute to the airport, so you should not pay more than 2 € for transport to the center.

The bus also departs from the St. Charles station. In the picture below, you can see the view from the main entrance to the station. In the distance, you can see the Basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde.

The bus was really new. t was also equipped with WiFi access that worked throughout the trip. You know well how important it is to be connected to the Internet during a trip – great! We arrived in Nice after 2.5 hours. The bus reached the Nice Airport from where we had to catch a bus to my cousin’s apartment.

The cousin hosted us with a delicious French breakfast – or a baguette in the foreground. The French baguettes are delicious, quite different to those available in our Polish supermarkets.

We drank the tea together to warm up before the next trip to the city of Eze. I will describe it for you in the next coming post!

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