Trip to Berlin – 24.02.2018

Yes, I am crazy!

Why? I mentioned earlier in my post, that together with Domi we came up with the idea of a trip together to the Cote d’Azur. The day after buying tickets to Marseille, I thought that I would check with pure curiosity how much tickets to Berlin would cost (Well, if I could already visit Domi in her new world why not 🙂 ). I opened the Ryanair website and spontaneously set dates from 24.02 to 26.02.2018. Shock, the price for a return ticket cost  78 PLN (~18€), 39 PLN (9€)  for a one-way ticket). I was not sure if I should ask Domi whether I could come. But finally, I asked her. After a few seconds, she said: buy! So I just bought 🙂

Schedule of Ryanair flights from Krakow to Berlin

Ryanair schedule was perfect. Departure from Krakow on Saturday at 9:35 a.m. and return on Monday at 7:00 a.m. Perfect, as I do not need any day off at work. Well, unfortunately, Ryanair has already changed the timetable since March 2018 and the flight departures on Friday afternoon. I packed myself into a small suitcase (as always for a short holiday) and I could not wait to see Domi. The weather promised to be sunny although the temperatures were low.

Weather in Berlin

A few days earlier, Domi asked me about various things like Would I prefer to go to the museum, or maybe I’d rather see another city? She is very charming. She even came to the airport to pick me up!

Absorbed in conversation, I did not participate in the organization of our time together. I need to admit that it is been a long time since I have a situation like that! Probably it happened last time when I was with my parents on holiday having 10 years old. Truly amazing!

We got on the train that took us to Berlin Ostbahnhof, where we changed to the bus that took us to the Fisherinsel stop. The Domi apartment was located just behind the corner. I left my things in Domi apartment and we went to the city.  She lives in a beautiful district which is essentially a city center. If you plan a trip to Berlin, I strongly recommend this district!

Berlin Center




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