Breakfast in Berlin

Spreegold Stores – Berlin

This place presented my beloved Domi during my first day in Berlin.

I arrived in Berlin on Saturday 24.02,2018 around 11:00 a.m. It has been several hours since my departure from home in Krakow, which is why Domi took me for a second breakfast to a very pleasant place called Spreegold Store. This place has been recommended by Domi friend from work. There are several Spreegold Stores in Berlin. All necessary addresses can be found here.

Already after the entrance, we realized that it is a very popular place. We had to wait a few minutes for a free table. However, it was not an issue at all, as it was really nice to observe people enjoying their free time together.

We ordered scrambled eggs with various toppings. Mine was with bacon and chives. The second breakfast cost € 7.50 and coffee € 3.70. This place offered not only breakfast but also own production of pasta, burgers, salads, wines as well as cocktails. A great place!

We were charmed by this place. Delicious food and a prevailing atmosphere. Everyone around was smiling. The positive energy was floating in the air. At this point, we stopped for a longer moment. I also noticed the open kitchen, which was placed in the deeper part of the restaurant.

After such a breakfast, we had a lot of energy to explore the city.

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