Barcelone – 09.05.2018 & 10.05.2018

Barcelona is close to my heart for some time now.

I try to visit Barcelone regularly because my older brother has been living in it for several years. For the first time, I had the opportunity to spend more time in Barcelona almost 4 years ago. Each time I try to see something new, I also come back with great pleasure to the places I have already seen.

This time we visited Barcelona together with Patryk and my best friend Monia, who came to us from Portugal.

Flight ticket

WizzAir has been offering flights from Katowice to Barcelona El Prat for several seasons. Ryanair launched in 2017 a connection from Krakow to the Barcelona El Prat, but also is operating from Krakow to Barcelona Girona. Another option is also a connection in the summer season with the Vueling Airline.

In terms of pricing, from my, perspective, WizzAir is usually the cheapiest. However, my friends also flew Ryanair and Vueling, where the price was also very affordable (200 – 300 PLN for a return ticket).

This time, for flights from 9th to 14th May, we paid 736 PLNfor two return trips, that is 368 PLN for one person.


Loty Wizzair

Transfer from Airport to city center

From the airport to the city center you can get several options of city transport:

  1. Bus
  2. Metro
  3. Train

The additional metro line to the airport has been open quite recently. For some reason, the authorities of Barcelona decided that the ticket, on which you can normally access all the metro lines in Barcelona, will not apply. As a result, you must buy a separate ticket for 4.60 €. Quite a lot. However, there is another option, which is the train. The ticket is the same as for the all the metro lines in Barcelone. The best deal is to buy 10-tickets for 10.20 €. All details about ticket prices can be found here.

So, of course, we chose the train. We got off at the bus stop Pl. Espanya, where you can catch the metro practically in every part of Barcelona.

Dojazd z Lotniska do centrum Barcelony

10th May 2018

The next day we woke up around 9 a.m. We wanted to eat breakfast already outside. We managed to find a local cafe in the recently very popular Gracia neighbourhood.

In the cafe we noticed only local people, so it was a definitely good sign.

We ordered two sandwiches (the picture at the top shows only one portion) for 2,70 € for a sandwich, espresso (cafe sol) for 1,15 € and white coffee (cage amb llet) and a small croissant with Nutella for 0,40 €. The bread in Spain is very tasty. The baguettes are not hollow but plump and crunchy at the same time. The sandwiches and coffee were very tasty, but the best was definitely a croissant with Nutella. By the end of the trip, I could not find a better dessert.

In the morning it was still quite chilly. However, with each hour it was getting warmer. We took a walk to Catalunya Square.

La Rambla

Placa Catalunya connects with the most popular street in Barcelona – La Rambla. Unfortunately, this is where, in August 2017, the attacker drove a van into a crowd of walking tourists. The authorities of Barcelona, secured this known street against similar attacks, setting up bars blocking the passage of cars.

La Rambla is a long street where you will find many restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. Of course, as often happens in such crowded places, the food is not the best. I will try to show you a few restaurants worth trying.

Mercat de la Boqueria

Right next to the Rambla street there is the mandatory point of your trip – Mercat de la Boqueria. This is one of the most famous supermarkets, where you will find fresh vegetables, fruit, meats and other Spanish delicacies. Truly amazing.

You can buy fresh fruit ready to eat from 1 €. It’s a great stop for a small break while visiting the city.

You can find the exact address on the map below:

After a short stop, we went towards to the port.

So beautiful…We come along to the coast and enjoyed the beautiful views. Our next goal was La Malandrina restaurant, recommended and tested many times by my brother.

La Malandrina


This place deserves special attention! More details about La Malandrina you could find here.

After a delicious lunch, we went further to the beach.

Barcelona is a beautiful city. It is great that this city has a wide sandy beach. That’s why so many tourists visit Barcelona every year. You can combine two pleasures at the same time.

We crossed the entire beach strip and began to head towards the house.

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