La Taverneta Barcelona

La Taverneta Barcelona

We received a recommendation for this restaurant from a friend who has already lived in Barcelona for some time. We wanted a place where the Menu del Dia will be served. Menu del Dia is a very popular way to serve lunch from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Menu del Dia consists of a starter, main course and dessert. This is a great opportunity for a better taste of Spanish cuisine.

Menu del Dia

We reserved a table by phone in outside area of the restaurant. We ordered 3 completely different Menu del Dia to try even more local flavours. One set costs normally 10,50€, but, as we have reserved a table in the outside area of the restaurant we had to pay extra 2€.

La Taverneta Barcelona

We had a choice of 4 different dishes for a starter, main course and dessert. In addition, we could order one non-alcoholic drink, a draft beer or house wine. For a starter we ordered a salad with mozzarella, vegetable cream and pasta with Neapolitan sauce.

The size of the starters definitely did not resemble the standard. They were so big that after eating the first dish I felt already full. The dishes were tasty and simple. For the main course ordered cod cutlets, lamb in curry sauce and marinated pork.

Main dishes were much more expressive in taste. Interestingly, their size was comparable to appetizers. For dessert, we ordered chocolate cream, apple tart and yoghurt with fruit.

The tastiest was definitely the tart with apples. For 3 sets of menu del Dia we paid 37.5€.

I love to be able to try more than one dish – those who know me know how difficult it is for me to choose only one dish. Menu del Dia allows you to enjoy many flavours at the same time. A wonderful compromise! Maybe you could also visit La Taverneta Barcelona? It is so close to the old town where you will definitely be 🙂


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