The best beaches – Guadeloupe

We spent only two days in Guadeloupe, but we managed to visit several beaches. We chose three one, which in our opinion are the best :)!
1. Plage du bourg, Sainte-Anne

First of all, the water was very clean and the sea was very calm. It was surprising that there were almost no people (as it turned out later it was just everywhere). Next to the beach there are also places to sit, drink and ear local specialities.

2. Plage Grande-Anse

What did we like about this beach? A huge space and a view of the further part of the island. Beautiful place. However, you have to watch out for really strong waves! This beach reminded us the scenes from film Cast Away. Do you remember it?


3. Plage de Bas du Fort

The beach closest to our apartment. Small but beautiful!

And which one you like the most? 🙂

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