Algarve – the most beautiful places

The south of Portugal has a lots of beautiful places. Having a rented car, we were very flexible. In most of the cases (and probably in all the points we visited) a car park was available.

1. Fortaleza de Sagres

Seaside fort with a defensive wall. The entrance fee is only 2€. The view on the other side of the wall was really stunning! We walked there for almost 2 hours, enjoying the beautiful weather and view.

2. Cabo de Sao Vincente

It is the most southerly cape in Portugal. Entrance was for free.

Finally I found the perfect chair size 🙂

3. Cordoama Beach

Located on the western part of Algarve. Cordoama beach is very long and wide. In a radius of a few kilometers there is no big resort or even a small hotel. This beach is one of the favorite beaches for surfers who can enjoy really high waves. Amazing place!

4.Cliffs of Praia de Marinha

Praia de Marinha considered by many Portuguese as the most beautiful beach in the south of Algrve. Through the surroundings of very high rocks, you can get there only from the ocean. In the high season, many hotels offer their guests transport by boat. The Praia de Marinha is not the only worth place to visit on this part of the Algarve, as there are beautiful cliffs around the beach. The road is well adapted for tourists, so you can enjoy beautiful views during a walk.

You can find other beautiful places in the next post! You must see it and save it on your map! 🙂

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