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Recommended Tapas Bars

In this post you will find the best Tapas Bars.

Have a look into the below map and check which location suits you the most:

1. Bar la Principal

Address: Carrer de Sepúlveda, 186, Barcelona
Price range: €/€€€

A charming bar located next to the Universitat Square. I love the atmosphere of this place and the fact that actually only residents of Barcelona come here. Try the potato croquettes with spinach and pine nuts (croquetas de espinacas y piñones) – I have never tasted a more delicious version! For more details, please check my another post dedicated this amazing place.

2. Fabrica Moritz

Address: Ronda de Sant Antoni 41, Barcelona
Price range: €€/€€€

I love the places that, in addition to beautiful interiors and delicious flavors, hide an interesting history. Fabrica Moritz is an example of such a combination. In 1856, Louis Moritz Trautman began brewing his beer, and a few years later he opened his own brewery at Ronda de Sant Antoni. After 150 years, in 2011, it was decided to open the door of the Moritz brewery to a wider audience. At the Moritz Factory you will find beautiful restored remains of an old brewery. In addition, Fabrica Moritz has a few tables in front of the brewery entrance if you would rather sit outside.

3. La Tasqueta de Blai

Address: Carrer de Blai, 17, Barcelona
Price range: €/€€€

Actually, La Tasqueta de Blai is not a typical Tapas Bar, because instead of classic tapas you will find here pinchos, which are also small snacks, but served on a piece of baguette. A simple toothpick (without additional color) costs 1€ and red 1.80€. Every restaurant guest gets a plate at the bar and can try everything he wants. You can always ask the service to heat the pinchos again. When you ask for the bill, the waitress counts the toothpicks and prepares the bill on this basis. Simple, tasty and local!

4. Pincho J

Address: Carrer de Blai 26, Barcelona
Price range: €/€€€
Menu:  Not available. Price of pinchos starts from 1 €.

This is another place that is located on the famous Carrer de Blai street. Prices starts from 1€ up to 1,8€ for every pinchos. It is an alternative to position No. 3 in this ranking, which is La Tasqueta de Blai, where often is full of people.

5. Los Cachitos

Address: Ronda de Sant Pau 17, Barcelona
Price range: €/€€€

Los Cachitos is located between the most famous street of Las Ramblas and the district of El Poble Sec. This is our favorite place where we meet friends, especially when there are more of us. Why? Because Los Cachitos accepts reservations! And this is very important information when you want to plan your evening out. It’s no secret that the bar is actually under our entrance to the flat, and its staff already know us well and greets us every time we pass by. The bar inside looks like a restaurant, but don’t let it fool you, they have a very large selection of tapas (small portions of food). In addition, Los Cachitos has a really affordable place. For a glass of homemade red wine you will pay  1.70€ (on the terrace 2€), small draft beer 1.70€ (on the terrace 2€). Barcelona can be really affordable 🙂

6. Bar Carders

Address: Carrer de Parlament 25, Barcelona
Price range: €/€€€

The Calders Bar is located in the center of Sant Antoni. If you don’t know the district yet, you have to come and visit it. Sant Antoni is located almost in the main city center, and at the same time you get the impression that it is very far from the typical tourist paths. There are several squares fenced off from normal car traffic. In these squares there are many benches and other places where during the day families with children love to spend time.

The Calders Bar has plenty of space outside and you often have to queue for space. They have a large selection of tapas such as cheese boards, Spanish croquetas, hot sandwiches and guacamole nachos.


7. Rekons

Address: Carrer del Comte d’Urgell, 32 de Parlament 25, Barcelona
Price range: €/€€€
Aktualne menu

Rekons specializes in empanadas, which are Argentinean dumplings usually stuffed with meat, cheese, fish or vegetable. One thing is certain, everyone will find something for themselves and their favorite empanada. You will also find here other classic tapas closer to Spanish cuisine, but I definitely recommend trying at least one empanada.

The list includes 7 places that I visit often and I can recommend them to any my loved one visiting Barcelona. Let me know if you managed to visit any of these places!

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