Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar

I have mentioned before, that Domi has planned everything wonderfully. On my last Sunday evening in Berlin, she took me to Monkey Bar. We arrived at the place around 17:00. Earlier Domi told me a little about this place. She mentioned that this bar is very often crowded and maybe we will have to wait a bit in the queue.

The Monkey Bar is located on the 10th floor of the Hotel 25hours.

Open daily from 12 noon to 2 am. Here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Berlin city. Why is this place called Monkey Bar? As it turned out, that from this bar you can see the zoo, where are now monkeys.

Indeed, as Domi said, we had to wait a while in the queue for the elevator – about 30 minutes. For me it was not a problem – I had a great companion, so time passed very quickly. The lobby, to which the elevator led, was also very interestingly decorated.

Monkey Bar offers a lot of alcoholic drinks, beer, wine, whiskey, rum or vodka. Everyone will find something for himself. The bar’s offer also includes non-alcoholic beverages, such as coffee, tea or non-alcoholic drinks based on various juices. At Monkey Bar you will also have a few dishes such as Hamburger with sweet potatoes (18 €) or New York Cheesecake (7 €). The prices are definitely higher than in other places in Berlin, but you can enjoy an additional benefit which is the panorama of Berlin. Although the price of beer seemed to me like anywhere in Berlin, around 5 € for 500 ml. You can find the Monkey Bar menu here.

We took the elevator to the 10th floor. We managed to find a place right next to the open terrace. As I wrote earlier, temperatures were quite low (around -2 degrees). Still, there were a few people outside sitting on the terrace.

We spent the rest of this Sunday evening in Monkey Bar, admiring the beautiful Berlin.

Will you visit the Monkey Bar when you are in Berlin? I hope so!




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