Xlendi Town

Gozo Island – 8.04.2018

For today, we planned the Gozo Island – located west of the main island of Malta.

The first obligatory point after breakfast was the delicious coffee.

Gozo Island

After checking the transport on Google Maps, we went to the Ferries 5 stop, from which we had a direct bus to the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal. Bus 222 is the only direct connection to the center of Sliema. The road is quite long, because it takes about 1.5 hours.


The ferry departs approximately every 45 minutes during the low season. The travel cost is 4.65 € both ways. The journey takes about 25 minutes. More information can be found on the official Gozo Channel website, click here.


There was a cafe on the ferry where you could buy sweet and salty snacks as well as cold drinks. We tempted ourselves to the local Cisk beer. There was also WiFi available on the ferry – a very nice facility for tourists.

It was really windy on that day, and the clouds were becoming more and more dense. However, we had hope that it would not rain.

The first stop on the island was the town of Rabat.

Autobus do miasta Rabat

Rabat Town

The town looked very calm. We passed a few square, where there were many lovely places to sit. In the town everything was beautifully blooming.

Passing between successive streets, we came to Cittadelli in Rabat, a small town fortified with a citadel. This place is very popular with local authorities, which have been continuing its renewal since 2006.

All buildings were in very bright shades. On one of the photos, you can also see a very charming place to admire the views from the top of the Citadel. There were not many tourists, which is why the place seemed to be very calm. If we only had more time, we would definitely stay there a lot longer. However, we had to see another town – Xlendi.

We also reached the town by a city bus number 306.

Xlendi Town

And after a few minutes by bus, our eyes saw beautiful rocks and wonderfully blue sea water.

There were many restaurants along the shoreline, where you could sit right next to the water. Simply wonderful 🙂 Going along this road, you could walk to the foot of the rock, where a separate path began.

Beautiful rocks and views. Even Patryk was smiling:)

As you can see in the picture above, the path ended at some point and we had to turn back. All in all, it’s a good thing, because we’ve already got a good hunger after breakfast :).

Talija restaurant

I found the restaurant on the Internet earlier. We took a table in the garden. The order was not much different from that day before, i.e. it was pasta, pizza and of course a bottle of wine 🙂

You can find more details about this restaurant right here.


And after dinner, we started coming back home the same way we came. In my eyes, Gozo is a beautiful and very diverse island. My only regret was that we did not manage to see the Azure Window, which collapsed completely in March 2018.

However, the day was definitely very intense. We returned to the port from which the port to the main island was leaving. Here we had to buy a return ticket for 4.65 €.




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