Miasto Valetta

Valetta city – 09.04.2018

Unfortunately, this is our last day in Malta. We had the plane only in the evening, so the day was very intense. We left the suitcases at the reception desk of the main building.

Of course, the first stop was traditionally coffee. This time we tried a Sicilian cafe – Bella Sicilia(their webpage you will find here). I was also tempted for a small pudding with vanilla cream (0.80 €). The cakes were stored in the fridge, so the cream was well chilled. Yummy! For an espresso, small cappuccino and a small pastry we paid 3.50 €.

Today we had definitely the warmest day of the whole trip 🙂

For today, we planned the town of Valette – the capital of Malta. We could go there by bus or ferry that crossed the bay.

We decided to chose the second option. The ferry departs approximately every 30 minutes. In the season (1.06.- 31.10) the hours are additionally extended. The weekly schedule also differs from the weekend. Details can be found here.

Valetta city

We arrived at the place around 12 p.m.. We walked the part from the right, passing various beautiful places.



You probably ask yourself, why is Patryk walking in a long sleeve? Is the weather not that fantastic? Nothing more wrong. Sun was so strong the day before so he had to put on a long sleeve to not be even redder.

We finally came to the Lower Barrakka Garden, which was amazing with colourful flowers.

Beautiful, is not it?

We have already entered the actual city of Valetta. All building were still kept in a very bright tone. Initially, there were not so many tourists yet. However, with each step closer to the center, their number increased.

We passed many restaurants in the center of Valetta. There were many beautiful places where you could sit outside and enjoy food outdoors. We decided to have dinner at a place called Eddie’s Cafe Regina. I will write about this place for you in a separate post, because it is worth your attention 🙂

St. Thomas Bay Beach

After dinner, we still had some time to our plane. We decided to go to St. Thomas Bay Beach, located about 13 km west of Valetta. We got there by the city bus number 91.

Droga to zatoki św. Tomasza

The bus was about 45 minutes. We stopped at the Bajja stop. The views were amazing. I was attracted to this place. Probably also because after the trip in Valetta we were a little tired of the presence of such a large number of tourists. Here it was completely different. I even had the impression that there were only natives  here.

Next to the bay there was a small bar where you could also order pizzas. Pizza looked really tasty. However, after a hearty dinner, we decided only for wine.

A charming place. I hope you can visit it too.

Unfortunately, our time in Malta came to an end and we had to return slowly to Valetta and pick up the suitcases to the hotel. On the way to the airport we had the last coffee.

Do not worry, Patrick, we’ll be back!



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