Café Lisboa

Café Lisboa

For a long time, I was thinking, which place in Krakow to describe as the first on my blog. There are so many my favourities places.

The first of my post about restaurants in Krakow will be devoted to a relatively new place – Café Lisboa (their website you will find here).

Café Lisboa

As you can guess, this cafe is stylized as a Portuguese cafe. I have heard about Café Lisboa several times, but not as I was not in Portugal yet, I did not been interested to visit this place.

Everything has changed since I visited Lisbon (my entries about Lisbon can be found here). In Portugal, I fell in love right away. Absorbed in a wonderful atmosphere, delicious food and the best wine.

But let’s focus now on this amazing place in Krakow – Café Lisboa.

Café Lisboa is famous for their wonderful Portuguese pastry pastel de nata, which is the most popular sweet pastry in Portugal. Pastel de nata throughout Portugal costs about 1 €. I wrote about pastel de nata in previous posts, check here.

The cafe interior is very atmospheric. You can see the owners’ efforts to keep the Portuguese climate.

I was in Café Lisboa for the first time in January 2018. Unfortunately, we did not have much time. We ordered espresso with pastel de nata (such a set costs 8 PLN) and espresso macchiato (7 PLN) and one more pastel de nata (5 PLN). I believe that the price of the espresso set with pastel de nata is very affordable. I am not the biggest fans of sweet pastries, but sometimes I would like to have a small dessert next to my coffee. Pastel de nata and the set that offers Café Lisboa meets all my requirements.

The coffee was very good, aromatic and strong in taste. However, pastel de nata deserves special approbation. In one moment I moved to the center of Lisbon. It was just as fragile, sweet and warm (!) as in Lisbon. Already then I loved this place and I knew that this place will be special for me.

I carefully analyzed the menu, in which I also found a large selection of Portuguese teas, wines, meat boards, and breakfast sets (popular in Krakow for some time).

Vines in Café Lisboa

My attention was attracted especially by one wine Encosta to Xisto Loureiro belonging to the vino verde (from Portugese it means literally green wine). It is this kind of wine that I admire in Portugal. It is a very fresh wine, which should be drunk up to two years from the date of production. Vino verde is characterized by its slightly sparkling foam produced by carbon dioxide, which was formed during fermentation in a bottle. It is this feature that makes this wine a lot of pleasure. I like sparkling wines, especially as an aperitif. However, the vino verde can be drunk with whole bottles. The wine of Encosta to Xisto Loureiro was just as pleasant as those tried by me in Portugal. I had the chance to taste them a few days ago, sitting outside the cafe with tiny tables. It was very pleasant June evening.

Can you imagine a better Saturday evening?

We paid 49 PLN for wine and again I have to admit that it is a very good price for a delicious wine in the center of Krakow.


In addition, Café Lisboa has a garden.

Can you imagine? This place is suitable for all needs. I often wonder where you can sit outside in the center of Krakow while not being concentrated with big among of tourists. And I found the beautiful garden in Café Lisboa. It is hidden in the courtyard of the tenement house.


In addition, Café Lisboa also offers its guests breakfast sets.

I had the opportunity to try only one breakfast set so far – scrambled eggs served with butter, a small salad and bread. Of course later I had to order an espresso set with pastel de nata.

I am delighted with this place. What is your impression?

I will try to make this place even more popular in Krakow and let each of you to teleport to Portugal for a moment.




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