Can Recasens Restaurant

Can Recansens

Can Recansens (website available only in Spanish) is a restaurant specializing in salads, Spanish sandwiches, cheese and cold meats boards, carpaccio. It is the perfect place for dinner and wine. Why wine? They have a huge choice, and prices start from 9.90 € (!).

You can find the exact address on the following map:


There are few tables in front of the restaurant. The entrance to the restaurant is decorated with vegetables and fruits. But, the interior of the restaurant is even more charming and definitely one of a kind.

I fell in love with this interior. The atmosphere prevailing in this place is simply magical. The interior itself is quite large, but there are a lot of guests, so remember to book in advance. Below I put photos of the menu for you. As you can see, there are several items to choose from each category, so I hope everyone can find something for themselves. During my last visit, we were 4 people.In our case, we ordered different dishes, which we shared together.

We ordered 2 salads – Fresca with goat cheese and Pera with the addition of pear and gorgonzola cheese. Both were simply perfect. The ingredients were great together and it was a real culinary feast. We also wanted to try Melted cheese, and exactly clarines cheese, which belongs to actually to French cheeses. We also ordered a baguette with fresh tomato paste and coarsely-grained salt. It is a very popular appetizer in this part of Spain. We decided to get a bottle of red wine from Faustino vineyard.

Everything tasted very, very good. We were very happy with all the dishes ordered. We only paid 60 € for the whole dinner.

Have the photos convinced you? Let me know 🙂

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