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Neapolitan Pizza

I am not the biggest lover of pizza, but once in a while, of course, and especially when I could have a Neapolitan pizza! Neapolitan pizza differs significantly from pizza in other regions of Italy. The dough is flexible, which can easily be folded. The edges of the pizza are well cooked, and the sauce itself is less dense. Neapolitan pizza is put into the oven for a maximum of 2 minutes. I fell in love with this pizza being last year in Naples.

En Plato Restaurant

My colleague at work told me about this place. I immediately checked the address and menu on the restaurant’s website (check it out here). We decided to go there on a free evening. It is definitely best to get there by car and make an earlier reservation because the are no many tables in the restaurant. We went there on Friday around 8 p.m. and the restaurant was already full. Even before entering the restaurant we feel the wonderful smell of pizza.

The interior of En Plato is small. When entering the restaurant, there is a pizza oven on the left, and a few tables on the right. Going straight ahead, there are also several places outside.

The restaurant’s menu is strongly focused on the Neapolitan pizza. We wanted to try some other dishes from te menu rather than pizza, but after a few minutes of reflection, we decided to order 2 different pizzas. We were sure that we would like to try a pizza with spicy pork sausage (Salsiccia e N’duja pizza). However, a lot of additions in the other pizzas were not known to us, so we asked the waitress for help in choosing the second pizza. The waitress recommended, Bologna pizza with the addition of Bolognese mortadella and pistachio pesto.

For drink, we ordered a soda drink (with the addition of orange pulp) and a glass of white Sicilian Chardonnay wine.

Pork with peperoncino (on Salsiccia e N’duja pizza) added a little spiciness, but for us it was not too spicy. Smoked mozzarella (provola affumicata) in combination with tomato sauce tasted perfectly. The second pizza surprised us with combinations oflavoursrs. Mortadella bologna has nothing to do with our polish Moradella, as it is a high quality Italian product. On the ham was a mozzarella fior di latte with pistachio pesto. The combination was not as traditional as in the case of the first pizza. Pesto seemed like it had some extra citrus addition. In both pizzas, the dought was the best in the world … If you could only smell the place, you would probably be on your way to Bibice.

For 2 pizzas, which definitely were not small, a drink and two glasses of wine, we paid 86 PLN.

We like it very very much. What do you think?

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