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EDO Fusion

I know this restaurant since many years, but my opinion about this place has changed some time ago. I was coming back to EDO from time to time, but now I know that it was too rare! Let me explain you why… 🙂

Tasing menu

I was invited to EDO to try their new menu a few months ago. We tried several dishes such as: Fusion Tuna Tataki, Sashimi New Style Hamachi, Kari Kaeng Gai, Kare Udon, Bún bò Nam Bộ, Matcha Tiramisu.


We started our tasting with two starters: Fusion Tuna Tataki and Sashimi New Style Hamachi.

The first starter was definetely my taste, although I must admit that both were very correct. Thin slices of yellowtail (one of the best quality fish) with the addition of aioli sauce and a red tobiko y. Fresh, full of flavor and different textures. Due to the high price of this fish, the starter costs 42 PLN.

At the second start (32 PLN) I really liked the combination of tuna and rocket salad, which was very interesting and original. The spiciness of rocket salad has also additionally highlighted the taste of tuna.

I could not wait for the main courses. One of them was a typical Vietnamese dish, Bún bò Nam Bộ. This dish is a combination of rice noodles, diffeent vegetables and fried beef. The dish comes from the northern region of Vietnam. The EDO presentation was very nicely prepared (in Vietnam the same presentation would probably not be reachable:)).

Main course


It looks beautiful, right? And it was very very tasty. I felt like I have moved straight away to Vietnam. I encourage all those who are open to new flavors and culinary journeys. The price of this main dish is 29 PLN.

The next course was Kare Udon (27 PLN), a wheat udon noodle filled with essential broth with salmon, edamame, pak choi cabbage, shitake mushrooms and wakame algae. Everything healthy and delicious in one bowl. Just yummy!

We were still on the topic of asian soups. Now the time came for Ramen. Ramen Tonkotsu (32 PLN) served with roasted bacon, egg, pak choi cabbage, corn and shimaji mushrooms. I have the impression that there is no such thing as perfect ramen and each of us has their own favorite one. This one proposed by EDO tasted very good to me. The broth was very aromatic, but not too heavy, well seasoned, but not overly salty.

I want to describe one more dish – Kari Kaeng Gai (29 PLN), which I really enjoyed (even though I am not a big fan of coconut milk!). The main ingredient is chicken in a yellow curry accompanied by sugar peas, courgettes and peanuts, served with jasmine rice. Simply delicious!

After the tasting dinner, I was returning to EDO several more times trying also different dishes such as: ura-futomaki with prawn in tempura (8pcs for 28 PLN) and fried Chasu Udon (28 PLN) with pork, sugar peas, bamboo and colorful peppers.

The interior of EDO is very calm and pleasant, where the green colour definitely domains.

Why I really like Edo?

They are in Cracow since 2005, which is definetely a huge achievement already! 


Prices of food and wine are very attractive. 


EDO is an universal place for the date, meeting with friends and parents. 


Everyone will find something for themselves, because the EDO card is very differentiated. You will find Thai, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese dishes!


Service is very nice an willing to help!



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