Taj Kraków

Taj Kraków

Sometimes I complain about the number of Asian restaurants in Krakow. Someone may say, that we have a lot of places to go. However, in my opinion, there are not enough places that are affordable. But we have some, as the one already described by me Edo Fusion (click here to read full article).

At the beginning of the year, I got information about a new Thai restaurant on Miodowa Street. I checked their menu (at that time it was much smaller than now) and it seemed very attractive to me then. The place appeared immediately on my ‘must try‘ list.

The first time I visited Taj Kraków was at the beginning of May 2018.

The restaurant is beautifully designed with many wooden accents. The lamps suspended above the tables add a unique character to the restaurant. On the walls there are plenty of paintings referring to Asian art. Pictures do not reflect the true space of this place. The restaurant also has a lot of additional places on level -1.

We ordered chicken from wok and cashew nuts (29 PLN), and Pad Thai Kung (31 PLN), which is a fried noodle with prawns and tofu. However, in the beginning, we were served shrimp chips (also very popular in Vietnam) with sauce based on fish and soy sauce. A very nice starter 🙂

The dishes are served in very nice porcelain. Every dish on such a beautiful pottery looks impressive. Chicken with vegetables and cashew nuts was additionally served in a delicate cake resembling a plate (it was also etable – impressive!). The second course was Pad Thai Kung, which for me is now the best Pad Thaï in Cracow. Sufficiently salty, sour, full of aromatic spices. Sprouts and peanuts add crunchiness to this dish.

During the first visit, we also tried one of the dessert, i.e. mango sticky rice. This is one of the most famous Thai desserts. The rice is boiled in coconut milk and served with mango fruit.  Assian dessert differs significantly from our European standards. We will rarely see desserts based on chocolate or other sweets popular in Europe in Thailand or in Vietnam.

Taj Kraków also has a great lunch offer from Monday to Friday from 12 till 16 at an attractive price of PLN 22. The menu includes a starter and a main course. You can choose from a vegetarian or meat set. When I ordered the lunch menu, I got spring rolls and yellow curry with vegetables. The portions were certainly a little smaller than those you would find in the menu, but they certainly let you leave the restaurant with a full stomach.

I fell in love with Taj Kraków at first sight and I hope that this love will last forever!

I often recommend the restaurant to my friends and with great pleasure, I hear another tasty opinion about this place. We want more such delicious and nice places!

Why do I like Taj Kraków so much?

We were missing such a place in Cracow with amazing Thai cuisine and affordbale prices!


The prices of food and wine are very attractive.


It is the perfect place for a date, dinner with friends, parents. Taj Kraków offers a lot of place.


Taj Kraków has a great lunch offer also adapted for vegetarians.


After collecting 8 receipts, exceeding the amount of PLN 100, you will be entitled to obtain a loyalty card, which offers a 17% discount. Details of this promotion can be found on the website Taj Kraków .




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