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Tao Restaurant & Club – Teppanyaki Show

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Tao restaurant in Krakow, but did you know that we already have the 3 different one?

  1. Tao Thai & Sushi it’s the first Tao created at Józefińska 4. In the menu you will find Thai and Japanese specialties. This place has a lovely decorated garden in the back of the restaurant.
  2. Tao Garden – the second place is located on the Błonia disctrict (42 Focha Avenue). In the menu you will find sushi, various items of Asian soups and pastas. The restaurant has a beautiful garden where you could enjoy the beautiful weather.
  3. Tao Restaurant & Club – is the newest Tao restaurant. This place combinembine Asian cuisine with an exotic cocktail bar menu. In the middle of the restrauracja there is a bar that animates the restaurant and gives the interior a club character. The main attraction of this place is the teppanyaki table.

I could not forget also to mention another Asian restaurants in Krakow, belonging to the same owner of the Tao chain, Zen Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant. This is one of the most famous fusion restaurant in Krakow.

However, today I would like to drawn your attention on the Tao Restaurant & Club.

The restaurant is located on the Dolnych Młynów 10 street. Tao has a large space with an open kitchen, bar, terrace and garden in front of the restaurant entrance in the summer season. At the Tao Restaurant & Club you will find many Asian accents. My favouorite one is the powerful gong brought straight from the Far East.

I was recently invited to the Tao Restaurant & Club for the Teppanyaki show. This spectacle was just amazing…

Initially, we were seated at the bar, where in front of our eyes was made a cocktail based on sake served with a cucumber with the addition of chili. The drink also stimulated our appetite.

After a few minutes we were invited to the main show. Teppanyaki is actually a combination of two Japanese words, teppan – steel plate and yaki – fry. Ths is a modern Japanese cooking style being really popoular in the largest cities around the world. The basic element of teppanyaki is a table that warms up to very high temperatures. Thanks to such a quick heat treatment, the ingredients do not lose either any flavours or juiciness. The most important is chief teppanyaki who entertains his guests.

We had the opportunity to try almost all the teppanyaki menu. We tried; tiger prawns, squid, rice with crispy vegetables, chicken, sirloin of tuna, beef sirloin and fried banana in crispy panko breadcrumbs served with sesame ice cream. It was a really  the amazing spectacle!


Why is it worth to visit the Tao Restaurant & Club?

Because as the only ones in Krakow they have a teppanyaki table.


Tao Restaurant & Club uses the best quality ingredients.


Teppanyaki show is perfect for the business dinner.


Tao Restaurant & Club organizes many cyclical events. Follow their facebook to get know more.


Tao Restaurant & Club has a special lunch offer from Monday to Friday 18.00. More details you could find on their facebook.





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